Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand

Our brand story

Hayat Beauty is a South African cosmetic accessories and beauty brand which was conceptualised in 2016.

We have created a brand concept consisting of a carefully selected product line that offers innovative home grooming solutions. Our brand fulfils the desire for niche home grooming products that are not readily available in local retail stores.

The major point of difference that makes Hayat Beauty unique is the fact that we have a distinct focus on products that are traditionally made for professional use and have since been modified for personal use.

Our brand promises to provide busy working people with products that will offer home grooming solutions without compromising the luxurious experience of a spa.

For the last 3 years, we have worked tirelessly conceptualising and researching our products with various manufacturers around the world to bring these superb products that we found were missing in many retail stores in South Africa. We provide the best combination of innovative products, visual aesthetic and functionality.

At Hayat Beauty, we celebrate people having it all, our goal is to make products that allow them to be in control of their time, life and destiny.

Our Inspiration

I have had a life-long dream of one day owning a lifestyle brand that would marry fashion and beauty. I then decided to go abroad to study business of Fashion. I have always found Fashion & Beauty to be inextricably linked, because one always influences the other.

Through my extensive travels around the world, I found some gaps in the South African beauty industry – specifically the unavailability of “interesting” and time-conscious beauty products. I would constantly come across beauty products that I was not able to find in retail stores at home (South Africa).

I believe that personal care and grooming is not vanity but is important to having a positive self-image. Because time is finite, personal grooming should always be on my terms. Life is all about cherishing precious moments.

Therefore, when conceptualising my brand, I wanted to create it for people who want a beauty brand that allows them to have it all. My goal was to make products that allow people to be in control of their time, life and destiny.


Thembi Skosana CEO and Founder at Hayat Beauty